Custom Rubber Bracelets to Support a Cause and Raise Awareness

The history of the rubber bracelet can be traced back to the early-to-mid-2000s, when people who were part of various organizations would wear them to show their support for a certain cause or raise awareness in other people regarding a particular issue.  Through the years, it has slowly replaced those “awareness ribbons” people used to wear (e.g. the pink ribbon for breast cancer) a few decades before that and is now considered to be a more modern way of promoting a product or a cause.

Custom rubber bracelets have gained solid popularity simply because they are trendy, wearable, and easily stored as souvenirs.  They also have other names such as jelly bracelets, rubber wristbands, and gel bracelets.  Whatever name you wish to call them, these bracelets are made of the same material that is silicone rubber.

Rubber BraceletsCustom rubber bracelets have truly come a long way, and there are so many ways to go when it comes to designing them.  We, as a company, understand that added value when you have free reign in designing your bracelet.  We provide this added value by giving our clients a whole array of styles to choose from: embossed debossed, color-filled, color coated, one inch, ¾ inch, segmented, swirled, silk-screened, keychain, micro, and finger.  This wide selection gives clients the opportunity to choose what they think will work best to suit their promotional objective.  Whether it’s for raising awareness for charity, fundraising, promoting a product, or commemorating a person or occasion, using bracelets will certainly help create a lasting impression.

Our rubber bracelets are fully customizable without any limit on the characters you wish to use.  Depending on your creativity, you can maximize the space provided on your custom rubber bracelets by coming up with interesting and unique designs.  However, if you are confused and don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help offer free artwork and creative advice.  We can also help you tweak your current design and allow you to maximize our services with no hidden charges. We have a wide selection of bright colors to make sure your bracelets will stand out and also offer free Pantone color matching.

Free FedEx shipping is also a bonus we have for non-rush orders.  The medical grade silicone material used to make the bracelets guarantees that they are durable, wearable, and washable.  The good thing about rubber bracelets is that they can also easily adapt to any type of sporting or physical activity and can withstand the harsh natural elements.  The die molding and laser engraving used will ensure the bracelets come out tasteful and elegant.

We fully understand our clients’ needs and recognize how quality and affordability must always go hand-in-hand. By providing our customers freedom in designing their custom rubber bracelets, we ensure that the end-result elicits great satisfaction and provides value for their money.  Our wristband gallery features the different styles you can choose from, so you can envision the exact way you want your bracelets to look.  Once you have decided on the most appropriate style for your event, we will create a digital proof with the design you’ve just made so you can see the sample before we proceed with the actual production.

Using custom rubber bracelets to promote a cause, raise awareness, or even just remember an event is definitely the way to go these days, especially if you want to add a contemporary feel to the occasion.  Coming up with a brilliant design to help you best showcase your objectives is an exciting process, and we are here to help you with it every step of the way.  Since we have so many options to choose from that you can use to mix and match while creating a design for your bracelets, you can rest assured that we will be able to help you come up with the perfect kind of bracelet for whatever theme or occasion you have in mind.

Booking and Managing a Keynote Speaker

It is no secret that organizing a big event often entails a great deal of preparation. You need to book the venue, come up with the guest list, send out invitations, prepare a program, and so on. If you also happen to be in a charge of a big convention or talk, then you probably need to book a keynote speaker as well.

Having a good keynote speaker is often crucial to the success of an event and this involves making sure that nothing goes wrong during the hiring process. You will also need to have a reliable set of logistics in place to ensure that your chosen keynote speaker runs into no trouble during the event so that s/he can focus solely on the speech at hand.

And how exactly does one manage to accomplish all of that? With the aid of the following guidelines, such a feat would not only appear doable but perhaps even relatively easy:

Effective Speaker

1)    Choose the right keynote speaker for the event. Speakers are like performers. They all have distinct personalities. Some like to deliver their messages through humorous stories, others leverage on their celebrity statues, and quite a few specialize in using powerful stories to uplift or inspire their audience. Consider the sort of message that you would want your speaker to deliver and then pick the most appropriate approach.

2)    Book your chosen keynote speaker in advance and be sure to provide him or her with as many specifics when you do so. Many keynote speakers are very busy people and often travel all over the country (sometimes all over the world), so it’s very important that you have at least a confirmed date for the event when you approach them. The more in-demand your speaker of choice is, the earlier you should approach them to book their services.

3)    Provide the speaker with a contract that specifies the time and date of the event, the duties expected of the speaker, along with any accommodations for the latter that both of you may have agreed upon. This may seem like a formality, but it actually serves to protect both parties in the event of a disparity from either end.

4)    Have a realistic budget prepared. If you want the best speaker in the industry to show up at your event, you may have to vouch for their travel expenses and lodgings.

Otherwise, it would be best to discuss your budget with your chosen speaker so you two can figure out the financial aspects of the engagement. For instance, your speaker may opt to arrange for their own plane fare or transportation and lodgings in favor a bigger paycheck or vice versa.

5)    Brief your speaker on the significance of the event as well as on the type of audience it will attract. Have a clearly-defined purpose for the keynote speech and a simple and significant message for the entire event and communicate these well to your speaker so that s/he can prepare the material. If you have a preference for how your speaker would deliver the speech (e.g., with more humor, in a somber manner, etc.), you may also bring that into the discussion.

Do not forget to describe the event’s audience for your speaker’s benefit as well. A briefing on their demographics (age, gender, etc.), areas of concern, strengths and weaknesses would be immensely helpful towards creating an effective and powerful speech.

6)    Check back with your speaker a few days before the actual event to go over some last-minute concerns or questions. If there have been any changes to the program, it would also be wise to inform the speaker of such.

Can a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer Save Your Home by Filing a Bankruptcy?

Will a Long Island foreclosure lawyer be able to save your home from closure by filing a bankruptcy? He actually can but it depends on various factors and considerations. To be precise, it can postpone, delay, or stop a foreclosure depending on what type of bankruptcy you opt to file. There are two types of bankruptcies – chapter 13 and chapter 7. It is best to discuss each to understand them better.

lawWhen filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have to comply to a repayment plan, designed to settle your delinquencies, that you have agreed upon with the lender as witnessed by the court. This modification usually has a set timeframe that you have to meet in order to maintain good standing. For the time being, your home will be protected as long as you continue paying your dues as stated on the repayment plan. Once you have completed your overdue loan, you can make your loan current and that will in effect save your home from foreclosure. However, you must understand that if you fail to settle your obligations during the repayment period, your home will again be subjected to foreclosure.

For a chapter 7 bankruptcy, all your debts will be discharged to give you freedom and a new start. However, take note that all your nonexempt assets will be sold and the proceeds will be used to pay off your debts by distributing them to your creditors – and that can include your home. Fortunately, in Long Island, a homeowner can exempt $75000 to $150000 of their home’s value. This means that if your home’s equity is lesser than the said range, then you will not be forced to sell it since the proceeds of that sale can still not be used to repay your creditors. In other words, you can save your home from foreclosure. As for your other assets, a bankruptcy trustee will determine which will be sold, so be ready to let go of a number of your properties.

Some homeowners turn to filing for bankruptcy not just to avoid losing their homes, but mainly to buy them some time. You see, once your Long Island foreclosure lawyer files it, the foreclosure proceeding is automatically stopped, so is the debt collection. That will give the homeowner a peace of mind while he struggles to find ways to pay off his debts and until the automatic stay expires. However, this does not mean that a bankruptcy is your instant solution to an impending foreclosure.

First of all, filing for bankruptcy is laborious and could be time-consuming, so be sure to hire a good Long Island foreclosure lawyer who can help you through it. Expect signing dozens or maybe a hundred forms because all your outstanding debts will have to be assessed to see if you qualify for a bankruptcy. Since proving that you are eligible for a bankruptcy can take a lot of time, you must act on it immediately or the foreclosure proceeding can outrun you and take your home before you can even submit your petition for bankruptcy. Another thing that you need to understand is that a bankruptcy will have a huge negative effect on your credit score. In other words, you will have to start all over again from square one to build your record in order to acquire future loans with low interest rates. This is devastating especially if you have such a good record before.

Nonetheless, be thankful that a Long Island foreclosure lawyer can help sort all of these out for you. He can give you sound advice to protect your assets and your record. Therefore, before you jump and decide to file a bankruptcy, discuss things out with your lawyer and consider your other options.